The Money is in The List: List-Building and Email Marketing 101 – Part #1

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Despite their best efforts, many businesses online get their marketing completely wrong. They miss out the key component of establishing a relationship with their audience BEFORE asking them to


I like to equate this to dating. After all, you wouldn’t go out on a first date and go straight to asking your date to marry you, before they’ve even had the chance to get to know you. It’s just not the most effective course of action for you to take.
In much the same way, asking your customers to buy buy buy from you, when they’ve just met you and know very little about you, will return a limited, and very often non-existent result. You want to make the effort to actually building a strong relationship with your audience so they become raving fans who know, like and trust you and want to buy from you.


In order to build your business and the amount of revenue you generate sustainably, it’s essential that you focus on building relationships that result in a ready-made, highly educated list of loyal customers and ultimately more sales. Done correctly, not only will you always sell more, you will always get more repeat business.


The single most cost-effective method of marketing online that allows you to do this the most effectively is EMAIL MARKETING. That is, building a list of targeted subscribers, sending them interesting and useful information about things they are interested in buying and, making them offers. 
If you are in business and haven’t yet started to build ‘your list, I cannot emphasize enough that you absolutely must start to do so as soon as possible.


What you are effectively doing is building a community of people who are interested in the same thing. Managed correctly, over the long term, your list of customers and subscribers, your community, is the single most important asset you will ever have in your business.


Email marketing is a proven income generating activity and at the very least you should consider hiring an email marketing manager to set up and manage this essential task on your behalf.

If you’re convinced that email marketing can help your business, you can get started today by using one of the email/auto-responder companies such as Aweber. Alternatively, contact us to explore your options. We can save you time having to figure it all out yourself and get you set up the right way from the outset.

Linda Stewart is an online business strategist and Krykle’s content creation, list-building and email marketing expert. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners start, manage and grow their business using the ‘portable income model’ for more time, more profit and more freedom. Linda can be contacted through the contact form page. can help you establish your online presence offering a complete suite of website services to suit your requirements and budget. We offer design, hosting and if required monthly management for your business. CLICK HERE for more information or CONTACT US for a custom quote for your project.


In my next article, I will share with you my Top 15 Reasons (trust me there are many more) Why YOUR Business Should Be Using Email Marketing


Stay tuned!

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