Why Your Business Needs An Online Presence

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If you are a small business owner, service professional or entrepreneur of any description, and you have yet to establish an online presence for your business, you are without a doubt leaving an immeasurable amount of revenue on the table.

And critically, if you don’t remedy the situation as a matter of urgency you are almost definitely putting your business at risk.

The real risk is that your more forward thinking, more customer-focused competitors will saunter in and grab your slice of the market, with a strategic online presence that ensures a steady flow of prospects and customers and, in turn a healthy bank balance.

Read on to find out why you need to ensure that you and your business secures the prospects, customers and income you deserve by establishing your online presence.

This important information applies to any person or organization that needs to get their brand in front of a wider audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a charity, an accounting firm, a chiropractor, make-up artist or a local dance studio, you need to be online yesterday and here’s why.

We live in a world driven by technology and it’s a fact that the Internet is the first port of call for consumers when researching the products and services that you have to offer.

Let’s say you are a Michigan-based chiropractor specializing in back pain… When your potential customers perform that all important Google search, they type in “chiropractor in Michigan” or “Michigan back pain specialist’. If you don’t have an online presence there is zero chance you’ll be getting their business. You’re business is essentially invisible.

The Internet allows you to place your business, your products and your services in front of a large number of consumers that are looking for whatever it is you have to offer. With 97% of Internet users searching for local businesses online, and 9 out of 10 customers actually visiting a business after an local Internet search, the statistics are extremely compelling.

24/7/365 SHOPFRONT
The Internet never sleeps. So when you shut up shop for the day you have the ability to leverage the Internet and have your website working for you around the clock. Your customers can learn all about you and what you have to offer, at leisure, and in the comfort of their own home. The smart move is to include the addition of a contact form on your site and invite your prospects to get in touch. That way you can easily pick up any enquiries when you’re open for business again. You want to be able to strike while the iron is hot. And when your prospect is on your site, they’re hot.

Having an online presence brings you to a much wider, even global audience, which increases the potential of your business enormously. Depending on the type of business you can be sending your products to, or serving customers on the other side of the globe thanks to technology and the World Wide Web.

If you business is not online, quite frankly I’m going to be wondering why. Are you a fly by night outfit or a serious credible business? Your online presence gives you the opportunity to show me that you are the latter.

E-commerce enables you to sell your products and services online and take instant payment, so that you make money while you sleep, and wake up to profit. As humans we want instant gratification and often buy on impulse.. So giving your customers the ability to purchase what they want, when they want it, without them having to wait for your business to re-open, is simply great customer service.

If your business is not growing you’re going to struggle to stay in business. In order for your business to grow you need a steady flow of prospects, customers and sales. Having an online presence is the solution.

Today it doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or expensive to establish an online presence and if you haven’t already done so you should make this a priority as soon as possible. If you act today, before you know it you’ll have an online presence to be proud of. Not only that, done correctly your website will be working hard to increase your visibility, connect and engage with your prospects and customers and impact your bottom line on a daily basis.

Linda Stewart is an online business strategist and Krykle’s content creation, list-building and email marketing expert. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners start, manage and grow their business using the ‘portable income model’ for more time, more profit and more freedom. Linda can be contacted through the contact form page.

Krykle.com can help you establish your online presence offering a complete suite of website services to suit your requirements and budget. We offer design, hosting and if required monthly management for your business. CLICK HERE for more information or CONTACT US for a custom quote for your project.

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